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Living Autism Now is a resource website that links parents, guardians, and individuals with autism to caregivers and service professionals as well as likeminded individuals who support its cause.

This website aims to provide a portal for businesses, services, health professionals, and families to connect with each other. Its goal is to locate the best possible local services as well as to provide up-to-date information and relevant links to resources to increase autism awareness and acceptance.

Ratings and reviews of services and businesses are highlighted to help members locate the best services they need. It is also important to note that these reviews and ratings are done in the most honest way possible, i.e., from real experiences of its members. Though kept confidential, these reviews/ratings are made available to the reader to give them first-hand information about the services they wish to get.

The websites directory lists some of the most in-demand professionals, services and businesses in Canada. We aim to develop this directory globally in the hope of reaching all four corners of the world and increase their chances of acquiring the best possible services. From psychologists to surgeons to registered therapists, speech pathologists, and the like, this website holds a humungous contacts list, complete with phone numbers and addresses, which can be easily browsed by members.

In addition to the website, Living Autism Now also maintains connections to social media via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. This is one way of furthering Pamela’s vision of cohesively connecting everyone affected by autism and improving their lives. Through this, not only will members, supporters, and followers acquire the best services possible, they will also heighten their awareness about current researches, interventions, therapies, and leisurely activities about autism.

It is our ardent hope that each and every person or family dealing with ASD will acquire the best support and care possible. With this easily accessible website portal, we can bridge the gap between families, caregivers and individuals directly affected by autism to the best services that fit their needs.