Cherish Every Moment – Great or Small


(An ideal day. Fishing in Belize and ending the day cooking up our catch.)

What do you cherish most in life? Do you celebrate memorable moments and let other memories go by? Or do you find something to cherish even during tough times?

As a mother to a son with autism, I completely understand what it must feel like to be on your wit’s end day after day after day. There may even be certain times when you have to let out an exasperated sigh due to helplessness. Yes, I have always figured motherhood as a tough call. But it is even more so when being one requires you to go the extra mile, the longer more arduous route every day of your life.

But looking back these past few months, all these struggles feel like a relief. When you have been into so much hardships and tribulations, it is almost normal to have the tendency to feel invincible, like you can do everything if you put your heart and soul to it. Before Christmas came, my resolve was shaken to its core. After a battery of tests, I was finally diagnosed healthy. But the ordeal made me look more closely at how I live my life and why, today more than ever, the need to celebrate all things big or small is a must.


Me and my bestfriend Willy before our Cave Tubing Adventure

The thought even become more persistent when just a few days after our Belize getaway, for instance, I had witnessed one of the scariest experiences in my whole life. While staying in the Mahogany Hall, a wonderful place to stay while in San Ignacio Cayo because of its strategic location right at the banks of the famous Mopan River, I bear witness to a drowning man. He was caught against the rapids, went under and did not resurface for quite some time. I tried to get him out but the rapids were too strong. Thank God, there were 4 other men on the other side who were able to get to him, performed CPR and then, brought him to the hospital.

Indeed, life is fleeting. Amid all the triumphs and defeat, we will all ultimately go into the abyss called death. But while it is inevitable to die, it is also important to live in the moment. The line that separates life from death is so thin—and that should put our procrastination aside knowing that each second brings you closer to death. It is important to remember that we only have this one shot at life. It is also imperative to see life as it is—unique—and that there is no sense comparing one’s existence to that of another. In the same ways as each autism case is unique so is every person’s life. At the end of the day, one thing remains clearer: live life in such a way that you when you look back, you smile and don’t utter a single regret because you have done it all!

Carpe Diem!

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