Living autism – Launches October 2014

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Has your child been diagnosed with Autism?
Living Autism Day.By.Day is written just for you.

The information you need to learn on Autism Spectrum Disorders can be overwhelming. Living Autism Day.By.Day will give you hope and courage everyday year-round!

With just 5 minutes a day, you can gain new knowledge and positive information on:

  • daily reflections and strategies
  • autism awareness & practical advice
  • humor, anecdotes, paradoxes
  • tips, references, and resources
  • self-awareness, managing emotions
  • space for your notes
  • inspiring quotes, and even
  • discover the blessings of autism

From a parent-dealing-with-an-Autism-child’s perspective, Living Autism Day.ByDay is a vital and comforting reading reference. This is THE book for everyone living with Autism day and night! Full of insights and ideas, this inspirational guide book is a must-have for parents, family members, friends, relatives, and caregivers of newly-diagnosed individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Understanding ASDs can be an intense and stressful experience, and Living Autism Day. By. Day is written just for you.

Take a positive stand in dealing with Autism. Let every page of Living Autism Day.By.Day guide, support, and inspire you. Let this book usher your way in find hope, courage, and peace from within.

There is a hidden bliss in dealing with Autism.

Read Living Autism Day.By.Day by Pamela Bryson-Weaver!

Available in Print and E-book soon!!!

Will be available in Print or as an Electronic Book.


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