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Laura Berger

If you’ve ever had questions about ASD’s or want to know how to help a friend, family or loved struggling with an autism spectrum disorder, this is THE resource that makes it simple and easy to navigate. Pamela gives clear advice and words of hope along with resources that will help you offer your families a balanced and loving life despite the diagnoses of ASD!


From the initial view of the cover, I quickly understood that this was a book which would demonstrate ways to put life back together and make life more solid. This book is certainly well written, containing numerous insights about life, for someone who has had to deal with the life-change of autism, and not. What a wonderful resource that people who deal with autism can turn to for inspiration and help toward the future.

I do know of life-change, after getting hit by a truck and laying in a coma for 37 days. Then, after awakening, having to learn to everything physical again (although, if my mind I know what to do, I had to retrain my body.) Then, 18 years later, getting hit by a truck, the second time, much of my body broken. In a large way, autism and brain injury are similar, so I see that this is a much needed book, even if you have not had to deal with either of these two areas.

Thank you Pamela, for bringing to us these words of hope. Many can learn from this wonderful book about making change work for us.

Frank Healy, HSAM

Pamela Bryson Weaver takes you right into the daily journey of raising an autistic child. You will feel her love, frustration, sadness, and joys throughout the year as you go through the days, as well as her determination to help her son and all autistic children. This is a must read for parents, counselors, child workers, and anyone who has contact with autistic children.

Ann A. McIndoo, Book Coach Extraordinaire

Beautifully written, artistic and poetic. A must read for anyone faced with the challenge of an Autistic loved one. Bravo Pamela!

Willy Drost

Living autism day.by.day is a fantastic book of daily reflections for caregivers of autistic children. Not only does it offer coping strategies for caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed but it is also super EDUCATIONAL, providing resources that the reader can pursue for additional information. Pamela’s love for her own child with autism and her perseverance in providing the best possible upbringing for him radiates from every page of the book and will truly INSPIRE and help all who pick up this book!

Mark Jala, Founder of Cook, Talk, Love

Pamela Bryson-Weaver tells a heartfelt story that can help anyone cope and thrive who has an autistic child. I like how she weaves her story, struggle, and success in a creative way. The daily reflections are powerful. Living autism day.by.day is an enlightened way to look at family harmony, health and happiness when given a diagnosis of ASD. Her book delivers powerful information in a simple and easy to format.

Cindy Teevens. author of “The Alchemy of Love and Joy

Not just truly inspiring, but an indispensable resource for parents of challenging children. Worth many more times the cover price.

Amazon Customer

Critical insight for every parent who has a child or relative with Autism. It took the love of a mother to dig so deep where the medical world just could not… This book can save any parent from disastrous and regretful mistakes with their children. No doubt, a must read!

Julia Pavlicek (Chicago)

This is an amazing book that gives encouragement every day to the care giver of a child with autism. It is written by a mother of an autistic child that is now grown and still living at home. She tells her story and the ways she coped in order to give someone else that is now in her shoes hope and a future of love.

Michael Malkush, Bestselling author, motivational speaker, transition coach and mentor

This is a great book for anyone close to autistic children. As a former teacher, it would have been very helpful. It offers coping strategies and is also very educational, providing the reader with complete resources. Pamela’s love for her son with autism, helps guide you and makes this book genuine. “Living Autism Day.by.Day” is a must read for parents, teachers, workers, or friends of autistic children.