Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission is to help the world support families living autism now, day by day!

Living Autism Now cares by:


  • Providing a website portal between businesses, services, professionals and families; to find each other, locate the best local services, information and links to resources.
  • We collect ratings and reviews so that families/caregivers can locate the best local services and information to meet their family needs.
  • By keeping it honest; by relying on members’ experiences, reviews that are not submitted anonymously. Of course members’ information is kept confidential! The reviews are made available to the businesses, service providers and professionals who have been reviewed.
  • By providing the ability to quickly and easily share your experiences so that we can support each other and empower each other. This is great news for great businesses, services and professionals.
  • Our Community – We believe in giving back to our communities and the families who entrust us.

Our philosophy
is that every person or family dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders is entitled to the best support from their community. By providing a portal of information, ratings and reviews and making it accessible between families, caregivers, professionals, businesses and service providers, we will support all persons living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and ensure they are cared for by their community at large.