Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to lend a helping hand in support to families living with autism now, day by day!
It is our dream to connect people from all walks of life dealing with Autism gain a much better perspective and amass the right information in caring for their loved one who has this special condition.
It is our goal to create a virtual community where families can learn from other families and from professional experts to better handle their daily dealings with a loved one with Autism. We believe that the more knowledge and support these families gain, the easier it is to manage living with autism.
We want a community and, in the long run, a world where families living with autism get all the support they need and be able to lead loved ones with autism to a life they choose.

Living Autism Now cares:

  • by providing a website portal that links businesses, service providers, and trusted professional to families living with Autism day-by-day; to connect them with other families with the same issues, to help locate the best local services, to provide information and links to useful resources that can be of great help in their needs.
  • by collecting real-time ratings and reviews to help families and caregivers FIND the best local services and the most trusted professionals in the community.
  • by keeping it honest and in perspective; by relying on real people’s experiences; by sharing reviews and feedback from real people. We do not give anonymous reviews but also ensures that members’ information is kept confidential. Reviews made are available ONLY to the affected businesses, service providers and professionals.
  • by simply being able to quickly and easily address your queries, doubts, and concerns in any way we can, and by providing support and empowerment from a community of helpers and professionals who has direct knowledge about living with autism now. This is great news not just for affected families but also to businesses, service providers, and professionals!
  • We strongly believe in giving back to our communities and the families who entrust us.

LivingAutismNow maintains the philosophy that every person or family dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders is entitled to the best support available from their community. In this light, we ensure to provide an accessible portal for families, caregivers, service providers, businesses and professionals to connect with each other in a fast and easy manner. We ensure to provide all the support to persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ensure they are well cared for by the community where they belong, and get them to lead the life they choose. By letting affected families get to know each other, and by linking them to trusted experts in their community, a much better perspective and knowledge can be gained for them to get the support they need.
It is our mission and philosophy to make Living Autism Now easy, fulfilling and rewarding. Together, this web portal will deliver a positive impact on people’s lives.