Limited slots are available to individuals and companies for advertising opportunities. We hold a vast number of prospective clientele in various areas across Canada and aiming to expand to other areas soon. This will be an excellent platform for referrals and marketing campaign for your services. Do send us a request HERE and we will evaluate if your services is a good fit to our unique audience.

Download My 2014 Advertising Kit

After reviewing the downloadable advertising kit for 2014, please shoot an email to . The LivingAutismNow team is more than happy to discuss all available options with you. Here’s to partnering with you soon!



We give you a free hand on the designs and other pertinent details of your ads. However, sizes and dimensions are being enforced for everyone’s benefit. Animation and other video-oriented advertising campaign are not allowed. For custom ad design, feel free to email


We reserve the right to approve all ads, and to reject advertisers for reasons unbecoming to the website’s vision and mission. We relinquish any liability that arise from pertinent ad details or on any errors done to your design.


Rates are subject to change. Price guarantee on specialty ads, however, is welcomed for ads booked and paid in advance.