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“The Importance of Realizing You Are Not Alone”, this is what Pamela Bryson-Weaver hopes her book, Living Autism Day-by-Day: Daily Reflections and Strategies to Give You Hope and Courage will accomplish…  This book may be read all at once and then re-read day-by-day. The second time hopefully you will take the time to journal in your feelings as this has proven to be very therapeutic.

The entries address the world of autism and include some of the following:

  • practical advice
  • inspiring stories and quotes
  • household tips
  • humorous anecdotes
  • facts and statistics
  • hope and encouragement
  • strategies and tips on autistic child-care
  • insights for family, clients, and friends wanting to learn more about autism
  • treatments and research

Kimberly Arsenault

Thank you so much for the advance copy of your book! The book is fabulous, and I highly recommend it! The website is also fabulous, and will continue to be a wonderful resource, I look forward to seeing it continue to grow and evolve! 

You are such a wonderful mother and such an inspiration! Keep up the amazing work and know that you are making such a difference in this world! God Bless!

Fr. Jack Dolan

A good book, very insightful! You are a wonderful mother to John and I have seen first-hand what a blessing you are in his life.


I had such a crazy thing happen to me this morning that I just had to share it with you.

I went into work today, which was not required, to participate in a new student orientation program.  I was unsure where I was suppose to go, so I walked into a classroom where 2 of my co-workers were talking.  I had several rooms that I could chose from, but randomly picked the one I did.  As I walked in they were in a deep conversation so I just stood back for awhile to let them finish.  To my amazement the conversation was about the son of one of them who is currently in the process of being diagnosed as autistic.  I couldn’t believe it.  Her son is 4 years old and they are in the run around stage of trying to diagnose her son.  I immediately shared your information with her.  She was very excited to have another resource and I am sure she will be checking out your website.  I sensed she was feeling the frustration of trying to find out what is happening with her son.  It sounded like some intense testing is coming up soon.

It was so crazy that I just had to share this.  I had no idea she was dealing with this with her son.  Again, I think the stars must be in line.  It felt so good to me to be able to share your information with her.

Laura Bloomfield

Thank you for the book, Tyler and myself love it and all our extended family are very impressed. Can they get this book at Chapters? 🙂 

Dr. Perley Weaver

Living autism, day by day” is a must read for anyone dealing with autism whether it be for years or a recent diagnosis! Truly exceptional!!

Tammy Boyer

Thank you so much Pamela! I received your book in the mail and it is absolutely wonderful! I am going to enjoy reading this and I love the picture of Chloe in it… Thank you so very much! Can you tell I am excited? LOL…

Kathy Gruhn

OMG!!!! Your book is beautiful. I am so proud of you. You did a fabulous job. So professional and yet warm. I am so thankful that you recognized me in the acknowledgements. I will never forget our Oprah gig. In fact…I am writing a story for Jack Canfiled’s next book… about vision boards. I had Oprah on my vision board…and of course…I will mention you and your book. I want to help you for your launch. Just let me know where people can buy it. It is such a great book.

Debra Miller

Just received the book, ”Living autism day.by.day”, and it’s great! Wish I had had this book when Megan was growing up. I will be reading it, and of course, loving Megan’s photo on page 120!!! I will be sure to leave a glowing review on amazon.com when it appears there. Thanks again!

Prof. Edwar McCain

Wow! I was searching for a website like this for a very very long time and here it is! Allow me to refer your site to my clients.