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What is the Living autism now Service?

Living Autism Now is an online directory of various types of professionals, establishments, and service providers that a family managing Autism may need. Members subscribed to the site can post comments and reviews on health care specialists, service providers and businesses that they have experienced to give other families and caregivers an opportunity to find trusted experts and establishments in their areas of concern.

Check out the growing list in our AUTISM DIRECTORY SERVICES.

Do you have someone in mind but could not find it in our list? Feel free to submit a suggestion on our CONTACT US page. LivingAutismNow is open for more suggestions and recommendations to expand our directory and increase the level of awareness among our readers.

Members also get useful tips, links, and resources to guide and assist them on living Autism day by day.

Which providers are on the List?

LivingAutismNow Directory collects names and feedback on services experienced by a family dealing with Autism, and publishes them along with ratings and reviews. This helps to ensure that readers get to find high-rated doctors, dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths, psychologists, hospitals, clinics, and other specialists/establishments that an individual with Autism needs. All ratings and reviews are from REAL people living with Autism day by day—verified! Check out trusted names of professionals, establishments and service providers already on our LIST!

Is there a cost to join?

Public membership is FREE-of-charge. This site is built for the purpose of addressing the needs of parents, friends, family members dealing with a loved one with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Registering fosters trustworthiness and ensures credibility to comments, reviews, and ratings indicated.

There are 3 Professional Membership levels—BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD. Bronze is FREE of CHARGE but has certain limitations. For professionals, businesses and establishments, and service providers who wish to enjoy EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS such full publishing of complete contact information and staff support, Silver and Gold membership levels are available. Your paid membership will pay for itself in savings after ONE referral!

What makes living autism now different?

Think of as a powerful extension of your neighborhood network. Word of mouth referrals from friends and neighbors may sound good, but these few referral options can limit your capability to find much BETTER opportunities in terms of excellent service to match your loved one’s needs. With more and more members coming in from across communities within or near you sharing their actual experiences, finding the services and professionals that match your needs can be effortless.

What makes us different from other review sites is that we collect REAL-TIME FEEDBACK from REAL PEOPLE. No sugarcoating allowed on this site. What you see/read on is what you usually get!

Do I have to join to submit a review?

YES. Signing up is required for you to post a comment and rating. Membership is FREE and fast with no added obligations whatsoever. No anonymous feedback is accepted to ensure veracity of the ratings and feedback. Though free of charge, you will be required to create an account to submit and/or edit reviews. Important contact information like name, home address, phone number, and email address will be required. Rest assures, your contact information is kept confidential from others. Click here to learn more about writing reviews!

Am I required to pay if I want to give feedback?

No. Sharing a feedback or posting a review is FREE of CHARGE. We do encourage you to post as much feedback as you want to increase the level of awareness among members on site.

Submitting a review on a provider

Feel free to post a feedback or a review, regardless if positive or not, on our website. Your experience when shared with others will be of great help in raising awareness among members living with Autism Spectrum Disorders day-by-day.

Do take note that written reviews are publicly visible. However, names, addresses and other pertinent information are concealed. Service providers, establishments and professionals being rated are also given the chance to comment on either good or bad reviews/ratings posted on the site. Learn more about viewing or editing reviews after submission HERE.

How to add and edit review

To view or make necessary changes on your reviews, choose “My Reviews” from the Account drop-down menu. Choose the review you wish to view or edit and click on “view” or “update.” Do you wish to delete one of your reviews? Learn how.

Deleting a review

Need to delete a feedback you have already submitted and posted on site? Fret-not! Simply visit our CONTACT US page. Do make sure to include the name of the provider in your request.
Feel free to submit new reviews when the previous one has been deleted.

Don’t Want Your Business Listed?

For establishments, professionals and caregivers who opted to be excluded from members’ search results, please send an email to our Business Center stating a valid reason. We will accept and assess the request, and will take necessary action deemed appropriate by the site admin to ensure the security and benefit of the website’s general membership.

Cannot Find A Provider You Know On the List?

I know a specific company, professional, service provider or establishment but cannot find them on the directory, why? Can I add them to the directory? How?

For companies, business establishments, and service professionals found on the list in the past, try scanning the search results page or browse on your recent search history. You may also refresh the web page where you’re at.

Still having difficulty finding the name of a preferred professional or business? It could be due to any of the following reasons:

If the business or professional told you that they have already set up a profile on site recently, but still cannot find them, he or she might not have been approved yet or it may not be vetted by our members yet.

They are outside your area’s boundaries. Companies, professionals, service providers, and establishments outline their service area on their profile, and if you cannot find, it is because you are outside the limits stipulated by them.

For erroneous information lodged on our directory or for any recent changes unknown to the website admin, send us an email through our Contact Us page so we can update the list. Some providers change their service areas every now and then, and your help in updating this information is most welcome.