My Sister, My Beacon Of Light


They say that having a sister makes one happier than the rest of mere mortals who grow up alone or with a brother. I daresay, it is! You see, I have a really special sister. Her name is Nancy and she is my beacon of light, hope and love so deep it rejuvenates me each time we bond together.

Sisters are bound together by blood. Basically, you are stuck to each other– for life! Some says a sister can be both your worst enemy and bestfriend rolled into one. With Nancy, however, the word “enemy” is not just an apt word, it’s almost entirely foreign. Though she seldom talks and basically show how emotions through her actions, I always see love oozing from her eyes. With our lives intricately intertwined, it’s so easy to easy how she can sense what I’m feeling.

When I’m feeling under the weather due to certain issues and do my best to cover it with fun anecdotes or blabbering about things I plan to do, all it takes is Nancy squeezing my hand tight seemingly telling me that she knows and she’s there. She sees through my pain and challenges, my joys and victories in life. She’s that ardent voice in my head who keeps telling me to always take pride in everything I do or that the whole world may turn its back on you, but she will always be around.

We don’t grow up like other siblings though. Nancy has Down Syndrome that made us went through different stuff as we grow up. We experience different stages in life at different times. No talk about first dates, first kisses, or about sneaking out from our college dorm. Ours is more poignant, moving as there is always this distinct mixture of profound love and, at the same time, guilt.

Yes, I feel guilty for enjoying what every typical girl goes through life. There was a time that I wished she can also experience all that excitement and roller-coaster ride growing up. At some point, I do wanted to trade places with her even just for a week or a month. Growing up, Nancy is the very person who always remind me to be grounded and to never lost touch on loving people with all your heart. Even without uttering a word, a touch of her hand or that crinkle in her eyes when she smiles always makes me feel– I am never alone and I am loved.

I love you, Nancy. *hugs*

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