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What you hear is what you get!

Autistic youngster turns every sound into a note

Imagine hearing a tune and precisely name them — every single one of them! This Autistic youngster can turn every sound into a note!

According to a statement released by the metropolitan municipality, Hartavi shares a gift that has previously been associated with musical geniuses; “absolute pitch.” Pointed out as a pianist of the future, Hartavi has shocked his teachers with his talent as he can interpret any sound he hears, whether from a musical instrument or nature, into musical notes. Hartavi, whose talent was discovered by music teacher Emre Köstence of the Haşim İşcan Family Training Center, works continuously to win the conservatory exams of Antalya Chamber of Commerce Fine Arts High School. His biggest dream is to become a pianist. He sits down in front of a piano whenever he sees one and enchants his audience.

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