Autism is a multiplex of developmental disabilities. It is known to be the result of a neurological disorder affecting normal brain functions that shape a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Most experts believe that Autism presents itself during the first few years of a life, particularly before the age of 3. There are many types of autism, and most involve impaired or altered communicative abilities in speech or language, emotional development and social skills, or sometimes a combination of all these.

Autism Spectrum Disorders, or widely known simply as AUTISM, are wide-spectrum disorders. This means that no two people with autism experiences the same symptoms. Some maybe “high functioning” while others can be all-affecting or all-encompassing. In some cases, symptoms can overlap that even individuals with the same diagnoses can have different manifestations.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention latest statistical data states that 1 in 50 US children has autism. It also affects tens of millions of individuals worldwide, approximately 1 percent of the entire world population—and this statistics is rising over the years. Though there is no known cure, it can be managed with adequate knowledge and great care from loved ones and the community that surrounds them.