When I received Pamela Bryson-Weaver’s Living Autism day-by-day, I knew that it would be of interest to several moms that I know.

It begins with an informational intro, then transitions into a journal of sorts. Each day has a story, quote, and /or info, and has a space for notes or reflections. It’s a great hybrid of clinical information and lovely thoughts and quotes. I thought it would be a great resource and personal notebook for the parent of an ASD child.

I gave the book to a friend and asked for her review, as someone who is very knowledgeable on the subject and truly is living autism day-by-day. Below are her thoughts:

“I appreciate Mrs Bryson-Weaver’s positive breath of fresh air on a variety of topics that are very difficult for most parents of an ASD child. Daily she provides a famous inspirational quote, a topic to revel over, and a small daily objective to strive for. She covers advocating for the ASD child as well as advocating for yourself to find the answers you seek, the support you need, and acceptance of your child for who they are.

Her knowledge and suggestions are current in terms of biomedical and dietary treatment approaches. I’m not so sure that all of her ideas are reasonable though. As a mother myself of a child with an ASD, I was quite surprised to find her “home schooling” suggestion.

On a whole, the book is a must read for parents of a newly diagnosed child!!”