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10 Must-Have Tech Toys and Stuff for Children with Autism

Children of all ages, whether on the spectrum or not, love toys. It gives them a sense of fun and entertainment. Parents to children with autism, however, must be aware that their children need toys that stimulate their senses but not so much that it can set them into a tailspin or a meltdown. Children on the spectrum have differing sensitivities to sounds, lights, tastes, odors, and touch. One child may be overly sensitive to loud sounds, while another basks in amazement over flashing of light. Most, if not all, though have experienced sensory overload leaving them out of control—and this is what you as a parent should keep in mind when choosing an educational gadget for your child.

Recommended Interactive Toys and Gadgets

1. Buddy Tag

toys-buddy-tagAccording to their website, “A lost child is a parent’s worst nightmare,” and we could not agree more. Buddy Tag is one of the highly recommended gadget recommended to parents, especially those to children with autism. This Bluetooth tracker cum wristband warns parents when a child is out of proximity. It has a one-touch panic button that sends instantaneous alert to parents when their children are in danger or when they are facing any threat. There is also an app which runs on various smartphones. Subsequently, Buddy Tag also sends email for the time and location of where your child is last seen making it truly conducive for everyone in this day and age.

toys-little-blueprint2. Little Blueprint

Most children with autism rely on consistent routine to go about their daily activities. Little Blueprint customized or ready-made books are highly recommended for kids with autism and to their parents. Not only will it instill confidence in them, it also enhances their brainpower, sense of security and resilience. Parents are provided with “script” which can be used when telling stories. Having one customized with your child’s pictures and name will definitely go a long way. Perfect for setting a sleeping routine…


3. SensaCalm Weighted Lap Pads and Blankets

toys-sensacalmWeighted lap pads and blankets are great for children with sensory processing disorder, a common developmental issue to those with autism. These can provide a sense of security to them, and subsequently produce a calming effect. The odd textures on the cloth and the attached fidget toys on weighted lap pads can stimulate their senses making it a great companion when traveling or when outdoors. Like a baby cocooned in a blanket, weighted blankets also add a sense of security and calm for children with autism as they sleep.

toys-watch-minder4. Watchminder3

Specifically developed for kids with developmental disorder by a child psychologist, WatchMinder3 is quite fashionable, fun, and helpful in teaching kids with autism keep track of time and tasks. It also instills positive behavior and gives them an edge in managing their own time and in developing independent living skills.


5. Multi Voice Changer

toys-multi-voice-changerPredominantly, children with autism have language or speech problems. This, however, can be stimulated to their advantage. This multi-voice speaker encourages children to speak out and have fun. Whether it be a warbled sound or a grunt or a nonsensical voice, the multi voice speaker can turn this into 10 different voice combinations stimulating their interest to learn more and improve on their speech. This megaphone also has a red flashing LED light to fire up their vision.

toys-sensory-pea-pad6.Sensory Pea Pod

Think of how secure a pea is when inside its pod. For some children, this cocooning effect can deliver the calming effect that seeps into their core. Children with autism are often cranky and hyperactive making them vulnerable to meltdown or temper tantrums. With this inflatable vinyl built for comfort and warmth, a child can get the soothing effect when resting or when doing about their favorite activity.

7. Noise Reduction Earmuffs

toys-noise-reduction-earmuffSome, if not most, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders have sensitive hearing. They are very receptive to their surroundings thus, can be easily upset when exposed to sounds that are either too loud or too shrilly for them. When undergoing sensory storm, this playful noise-reduction earmuffs can provide great cushion in easing up to 27-decibel noise reduction rating while still allowing children to listen to conversation.


toys-tech4everyone8. Tech4Everyone

Think about having an amped Windows desktop. A favorite among teachers, parents to home-schooled kids, homes for the aged, and other service establishments catering to those with developmental needs, the Tech4Everyone software is a revolutionary breakthrough in early childhood computer education. Children with autism will benefit largely from this software platform as it stimulates language, visual and auditory development. Your child simply clicks on his picture and voila! He is presented with a customized set of computer learning activities catering to his individual needs.

9. SmartEd Pad

toys-smartED-padThis is the answer to parents to children with autism. Designed to engage (not distracted) children to technology, and enable therapy continuity even when at home, the SmartEd Pad is a dedicated therapy-specific device which comes complete with lesson plans and apps configured specially by special educators. This device is known to fully support children with autism at home.
SmartEdPad is a dedicated therapy-specific device, with lesson plans and relevant apps configured by special educators, that parents can easily use to support a student at home..

toys-ipads-android-tablets10. iPads and Android Tablets

With hundreds of available apps specifically created to cater to kids with developmental disorder like Autism, iPads or any Android tablets are truly wise investment. Apps like Brain Parade, Math Board, AutisMate, Proloquo2Go, Choiceworks, Pictello, Word SLaPps, iTubelist, and many more are waiting with just one tap.