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A study shows people with autism may have better creative problem solving capabilities


A study by researchers in UK has found that people with autism may have better creative problem solving capabilities than those without and generate more original and creative ideas, breaking the myth that they lack creativity.

The results were confirmed by a survey that involved 312 people online who were given a questionnaire asking if they had autism. The questions also assessed if they might have some traits of the autism even if there was no formal declaration of the disorder.

Researchers were able to test the creativity of these participants by seeking interpretations of images that were supposed to be deeper than they seemed.

Secondly they gave participants one minute to list out maximum uses for simple objects like a brick or a paper clip.

The results of the research show that people who said that they have autistic traits and those who suffered from autism usually came up with lesser options but interesting responses than normal people.

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‪#‎AUTISM‬ Good News: Motorcyclists raise $15,000 at ‪#‎Ride4Autism‬ – ‪#‎livingautismdaybyday‬

Motorcyclists raise $15,000 at Ride for Autism

#‎Ride4Autism‬ – ‪#‎livingautismdaybyday‬

The Ride for Autism is an annual motorcycle ride that began in 2005 when two coworkers from UAW Local 245 were on break wondering what they could do to help another coworker’s family whose son was autistic. The first year ride in 2005 had a total of 56 motorcycle bikers raising over $8,000. In the past 10 years the RFA has raised over $100,000 with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting Macomb/St. Clair County ASA and Autism Connections of the Judson Center.

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