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Julia Pavlicek (Chicago)

This is an amazing book that gives encouragement every day to the care giver of a child with autism. It is written by a mother of an autistic child that is now grown and still living at home. She tells her story and the ways she coped in order to give someone else that is now in her shoes hope and a future of love.

Michael Malkush, Bestselling author, motivational speaker, transition coach and mentor

This is a great book for anyone close to autistic children. As a former teacher, it would have been very helpful. It offers coping strategies and is also very educational, providing the reader with complete resources. Pamela’s love for her son with autism, helps guide you and makes this book genuine. “Living Autism Day.by.Day” is a must read for parents, teachers, workers, or friends of autistic children.

Judith Briles, Author, Podcaster, The Book Shepherd

I love the daily reflections that Pamela Bryson-Weaver has created in her intimate book that has been created for parents of autistic children. You can sense the love she has for both parents and children. You quickly learn that her son is autistic and that she is actively involved in supporting parents with both resources and inspiration. If you want a friend … a guide … someone who has walked in your shoes, Pamela and Living Autism Day by Day is there for you.

Willy Drost

Living autism day.by.day is a fantastic book of daily reflections for caregivers of autistic children. Not only does it offer coping strategies for caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed but it is also super EDUCATIONAL, providing resources that the reader can pursue for additional information. Pamela’s love for her own child with autism and her perseverance in providing the best possible upbringing for him radiates from every page of the book and will truly INSPIRE and help all who pick up this book!

Kathryn Thorson Gruhn, Positive Parenting Expert and Author of the My Baby Compass series

I think the information in this book addresses the “feeling” side of having a child with ASD. It is good to reflect on what is available and how to handle a problem that someone has had direct experience. It can help raise questions and provide answers to reduce a parent’s anxiety. It is written as daily inspirational advice and so the book can be easily read over a period of time. A nice alternative for busy families. I am the author of the My Baby Compass series and I would have recommended this book had it been published before my publications were finished.

Richard Karampatsos , Author of Heading Toward the Final Finish Line and Running on the Living Edge

TRUST ~~~ WHEN YOU CAN TRUST THE PERSON WHO WROTE A BOOK YOU ARE OF TO A RUNNING START TO BE BLESSED! When that person knows the subject that they are not only putting into words, but have already paid the price for the information being shared – you will also be enriched by what you read. HOPE ~ There is always a need and a source for HOPE> Pamela knows how to reach out with her words to do just that: H- helping O- other P- people E – endure. In fact, with the Lord’s guidance she does more than just help folks dealing with this heath challenge to ‘endure’ but be overcomes!

M. Brooks

The author delivers the most intimate truths about her life in the most genuine way. She sheds a light on the highs as well as the lows. I believe this book will not only benefit the families living directly with autism but also those on the outside; such as myself. It has helped me to have a better understanding of the inner life of autism. She has brought a guide that can be used for all to cope, understand, and learn while keeping it simplistic in terminology and personal so we can empathize with the emotions. I highly recommend this book to anyone as it has the ability to help you find hope and gratitude. Well done!

Dad of Divas (www. dadofdivas.com)

While I do not live with autism daily, this was an interesting read. I appreciated how in-depth the author was in regards to what parents have to deal with in an honest, upfront and truthful manner. The book was easy to understand and the author talks to you as if you are a trusted friend. That being said I was very impressed with the amount of information that was shared and I can honestly say that I learned SO much from reading this that I was not aware of previous to reading. The book is definitely a resource that will offer hope and resources for anyone touched by autism. The daily reflections really make you think differently about autism and what this means to you and the people around you!

*I received this for review – all opinions are my own*


When I received Pamela Bryson-Weaver’s Living Autism day-by-day, I knew that it would be of interest to several moms that I know.

It begins with an informational intro, then transitions into a journal of sorts. Each day has a story, quote, and /or info, and has a space for notes or reflections. It’s a great hybrid of clinical information and lovely thoughts and quotes. I thought it would be a great resource and personal notebook for the parent of an ASD child.

I gave the book to a friend and asked for her review, as someone who is very knowledgeable on the subject and truly is living autism day-by-day. Below are her thoughts:

“I appreciate Mrs Bryson-Weaver’s positive breath of fresh air on a variety of topics that are very difficult for most parents of an ASD child. Daily she provides a famous inspirational quote, a topic to revel over, and a small daily objective to strive for. She covers advocating for the ASD child as well as advocating for yourself to find the answers you seek, the support you need, and acceptance of your child for who they are.

Her knowledge and suggestions are current in terms of biomedical and dietary treatment approaches. I’m not so sure that all of her ideas are reasonable though. As a mother myself of a child with an ASD, I was quite surprised to find her “home schooling” suggestion.

On a whole, the book is a must read for parents of a newly diagnosed child!!”


My kids were so excited seeing their faces in the book and truly, the book is a beautiful honoring of those with autism as well as parents on that journey to support their little ones…. 

I’ve gotten my son to show it to his Autism school, Pathlight School, the only dedicated-autism school in Singapore and they are interested to get copies of this to either sell or have in their library – am waiting for them to tell me what they intend to do – but so many teachers and the vice-principal has already seen the book and everyone’s so taken in by the book! So honouring you and the gift of your book to the world! Thank you once again for the heart you have for autism and for the little ones you hold dearly. 

Will reconnect soon once I hear back from the school on what they would like to do… cheers and divine blessings for you always!