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Goodbyes Are Not Forever

Moving On, Letting Go, Embracing Change

Goodbyes are bittersweet. For many nights now, I have tried to absorb as much of Fredericton to my system before we move out. It is not easy leaving a quarter of a century’s worth of memories. I will be missing the smell of winter amid the freezing cold, the cheerfulness of people you meet on the streets or in a nearby grocery store, the view from my kitchen on an early summer morning, and, of course, the autism community where my family especially Johnny and I lend our strength. The families whom we have been in close contact with for all those years and the memories spent with them truly tug at my heartstrings as I pack our belongings.

One by one, the books, the clothes, the shoes, the kitchen stuff, and other house essentials are placed then sealed in a box. There are coffees and laughter in between with friends helping out. But each time we call it a day, I cannot help but feel that sudden glint of melancholy. These friends we are leaving behind have become like our families for quite some time. They welcome our children in their homes as we welcome theirs. It is this mutual support and respect that binds us—and something that is quite hardest to let go.

But all things have an end to pave way for a new beginning. No matter how we hold on to something, no matter how hardest it may seem, there are just moments when the need to let go and move on is essential. I will be moving on with both despondency and excitement in my heart. However, one has to stay positive to welcome equally beautiful change. Like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, I have to face everything to open up a new set of beautiful possibilities in life.

Life is always changing. Hard as it may be, each tomorrow brings a promise. I pray earnestly that whatever tomorrow brings to my family, it is something worth cherishing. To the friends and family we will be leaving behind, I am forever grateful. My heart is no longer heavy leaving all of you, as I carry all of your memories with me wherever we go.

Much love.