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Laura Bloomfield

Thank you for the book, Tyler and myself love it and all our extended family are very impressed. Can they get this book at Chapters? 🙂 

Dr. Perley Weaver

Living autism, day by day” is a must read for anyone dealing with autism whether it be for years or a recent diagnosis! Truly exceptional!!

Tammy Boyer

Thank you so much Pamela! I received your book in the mail and it is absolutely wonderful! I am going to enjoy reading this and I love the picture of Chloe in it… Thank you so very much! Can you tell I am excited? LOL…

Kathy Gruhn

OMG!!!! Your book is beautiful. I am so proud of you. You did a fabulous job. So professional and yet warm. I am so thankful that you recognized me in the acknowledgements. I will never forget our Oprah gig. In fact…I am writing a story for Jack Canfiled’s next book… about vision boards. I had Oprah on my vision board…and of course…I will mention you and your book. I want to help you for your launch. Just let me know where people can buy it. It is such a great book.

Debra Miller

Just received the book, ”Living autism day.by.day”, and it’s great! Wish I had had this book when Megan was growing up. I will be reading it, and of course, loving Megan’s photo on page 120!!! I will be sure to leave a glowing review on amazon.com when it appears there. Thanks again!

Prof. Edwar McCain

Wow! I was searching for a website like this for a very very long time and here it is! Allow me to refer your site to my clients.


Hi Pamela! Thank you so much for the advance copy of your book! I’m so excited to read it and Cameron will be so excited to see his picture in the book! You must be so thrilled and proud! Thank you for sharing your journey and letting us be part of it.

Dr. Perley Weaver

This is the best website  for anyone to ease the difficulty finding professionals and services available to help when dealing with autism!
Well done!!

Tanya Walsh

Thank u thank u for the book what a lovely surprise when I went to the mail box!!! Opened it right up and dug right in… I want to share with everyone…