Children With Autism Targeted By School Bullies

School is an extension of our home where our kids feel the same excitement. However, it can be difficult for them too— the scenery, the people, their responsibility as students, co-existing with others, and so on. Amongst other things is their safety. Recent studies says that school bullies preys on children with autism.

“At a meeting with school counselors, the teenager finally spoke up, confessing that he was being bullied by students in the cafeteria. Once, they had pulled his pants down to his knees in front of his class. ”

“Many parents of children with autism already are well aware that their children are taunted and tormented at school, but the new study suggests the problem is pervasive. Dr. Sterzing’s data, collected from a nationally representative sample of 920 middle- and high-school students with an autism disorder, shows that 46 percent have been bullied.  By comparison, in the general adolescent population, an estimated 10.6 percent of children have been bullied.” Read more >

Thus, us parents, should do our research and get to know the school first. It is important to find the best school for our children with autism.


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