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Each New Day Brings A Day of Opportunity, Hope and a Fresh Start.

Some days living with Autism can be challenging and draining but I can say each new day brings a day of opportunity, hope and a fresh start.

Ben is so special, and so very unique, he LOVES everyone! He hugs almost everyone he sees and meets and is smiling most of the time.  Ben struggles with everyday tasks but exceeds with others.  Show him something once and generally he has it…he can work most electronics better than me J

A little bit about Ben and his past…After many years of trying and going to doctor after doctor to have a child we decided to leave it in God’s hands and pray that he would answer our prayers, and he did! Not in the way we were thinking but, he answered them by adoption.  He was born early and weighing in at a small bundle of joy of 4lbs, he had some health issues in his early part of life but was and remains perfect in our sight.   He was diagnosed with GERD (acid reflex disease) and still to this day is being treated for it,he is now 3 ½ years old and was diagnosed at 3 months.  As Ben grew and was getting older we noticed that he was not developing like the other children we knew that was near his age.  And we continued to bring this up at each and every doctor apt.  We as parents are our children’s BIGGEST advocates; we are their words, and actions!

His speech is coming along beautiful now but it wasn’t always that great, I prayed for the day I would here “wuv u mommy”, happy to say I hear this daily, most times  its with coaching but regardless I hear it, we are constantly working and  coaching, with speech we are on to two words sentences now..YAY!

WE as a family have learned to do what works; we do what works for us.  If you walk into our house you will see many toy balls, all different colors and sizes, lots of things that play music or some sort of sound, cause these are things that he LOVES, and are used for rewards, our house is a home lots of finger prints on the walls/windows.

Even though some days or moments in our days can be challenging we are learning what works.  For example we know slowing Ben down using some technique’s picking our battles not to worry so much about e single detail is a help.  For example I use to be so stressed if Ben didn’t look in a camera lens when he was smaller but you know what that is not that big of deal, since I stopped stressing over this I have been able to capture some amazing pictures!

For the past year my husband has been battling cancer but still going strong, with this we have learned to slow life down and cherish each and every minute I have recently learned that as Ben grows, we grow with him learning to live with autism that life is really truly unique and can be wonderful.

I have learned to breathe and not sweat the small stuff so much.  And to make everything a celebration.   You should see the party we have when he goes potty!

I know living with autism can be challenging one of our biggest challenges right now is how Ben can be so impulsive, but living with autism can be so rewarding too.

Its important to stay strong and stay focused, they are worth it.  And after all they are our babies.


Cameron’s 8 today, full of life, full of confidence…

My son Cameron – laughter, tears, pain and fear come to mind when I think of him. He’s 8 today, full of life, full of confidence. But he wasn’t always that way.

Cameron was 18 mths when I first heard the word Autism. I knew he had some speech delays and was developmentally behind at that age, but the word Autism never entered my mind until spring of that year. I know the doctor was telling me all of her findings on that day and why she suspected my Cameron had Autism, but after that word, I blocked everything else out. I remember tears all of sudden rushing down my face and my husband leaning over to hug me and say everything was going to be ok. At that moment, I thought nothing would be the same again.

That fall my son was admitted into a preschool for children with Autism. I guess I am lucky that I live in a province that provides such a service. There was so much information given to me all at once my head was spinning. ABA therapy, schedules, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy. One mom can only handle so much. I really didn’t know what Autism meant other than what I had seen in movies. I remember having to ask a staff member at the pre-school to explain what was going on, what PDD-NOS meant. My husband tried to be supportive, but he had work etc. I had work also, but all of a sudden I remember reading up on everything about Autism and therapies was much more important.

It took almost 3 yrs of every type of therapy, naturapathy, me quitting my job to provide at home support for him, listening to every seminar, reading every Jenny McCarthy book on Autism to realize it’s not the end of the world. We were ok! Cameron was going to school, he could speak (although not well), he loved playing with kids, everyone adored him, he was funny and charming and everyone fell in love with his big brown eyes. And my marriage had survived.

I know quitting my job wasn’t the best decision, I was lucky I was able to do so and I had a husband who was there to support me in all my decisions. Cameron who is 8 now, has just entered grade 3. I have to admit the first year of school was an adjustment, not just for him, but for me. After spending every waking second learning, studying and living Autism, to have 6 hrs a day to myself was strange. He still receives help at school, and has an educational assistant in the class, but the boy he has become is amazing. He has never given up on trying, either with educational stuff or socially. I am proud of his hard work to overcome his disabilities!!