Autism or Autistic? A label is too small for a human being’s magnificence

autism or autistic

A label is too small for a human being’s magnificence.

Am I Autistic or Do I Have Autism?

The National Autistic Society (NAS) has recently conducted a study on what to call people on the spectrum. You can read about it here. There seems to be a lot of debate as to whether one should say, “He or she has autism” or “He or she is autistic.” I’m on the autistic spectrum myself, and people have sometimes asked me, “Do you want me to say you’re autistic or do you want me to say that you have autism?”

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2 thoughts on “Autism or Autistic? A label is too small for a human being’s magnificence”

  1. The point is, by saying that some autistic adults are labeled “low-functioning” because we still cannot care for ourselves is denying that we can think. Or should we stop listening to Stephen Hawking s brilliance and start pitying him?

  2. If this child also has some motor planning or movement problems, she may receive the labels of “cognitive delay” or “mild mental retardation. By grouping children into diagnostic categories that are too general, we may obscure the underlying biological processing differences related to their problems and gain no clues about how to treat them.

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